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Review Asus ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse

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Asus’ Republic Gamers (ROG) makes the brand reliable and preferred device for serious gamers, and its latest mouse, Asus ROG Gladius II, shows that set to continue the tradition

When PC gaming is a serious business for you, you want to make sure you have a very good performance that can give you a competitive edge. Asus, and especially the guy in his ROG section, is very well aware, which is packed with Asus ROG Gladius’s second impressive features, such as an advanced 12000 DPI optical sensor, 50g acceleration and a 1000Hz USB voting rate

Especially this last feature is Asus Road Gladius 2, a fast and accurate mouse. Asus Road Gladius 2 is not a cheap pointer but costs around £ 70 (about $ 90, AU $ 120).

It costs $ 71 (£ 69, AU $ 119) whose cost is $ 69 (about £ 50, AU $ 90) and Razer DeathAdder Elite, whose price makes it one of the more expensive mice out with the amazing Corsair Glaive RGB cost.

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This is both gorgeous gaming mice, which means the extra expense of its work on Asus ROG Gladius II has been cut for us to leave it worth it.

Design Asus ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse.

The design of Asus Road Gladius 2 is released in some cases, while it is unpopular at the top. It does not cover buttons like some other gaming mice, but it has enough buttons to enjoy a flexible on your desk.

Of course, there are left and right buttons, and this can be removed (using the switch to the bottom of the mouse) and Omron switch change gives a responsive click that suits your game style and taste. You can use additional switches that are included in the box, and the ease of replacement can see this mouse grow lifespan – especially for those who like a few annoying clicks

Of course, there is a feature capable of changing the type of switch under the main button that can appeal to only a small audience – but if you are following such kind of flexibility, then you will be very happy with Asus disease gladius 2.

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Along with the main buttons, there are three buttons on the left side of the mouse – with a dpi target button, which is useful for snapping, because it is easy to monitor by changing the mouse’s sensitivity settings.

At the top of the mouse is a scroll wheel, which can be clicked with a DPI switch for more deeper control over the sensitivity of the mouse.

The actual design of the mouse is beautiful, with no corner bits jutting out of a point of appearance rather beautiful, ‘extreme’. A fine design in the piece of the mouse adds to the surface of the surface, matches the other everyday devices, and helps you get better gifts.

What’s less subtle RGB light, which gives you three fields of illumination on the mouse: scroll wheel, Rose icon and along the bottom of the mouse. It provides a rather beautiful effect where the light off of your desk or mouse mats closes when you use Asus ROG Gladius II.

Colors and animations such as lighting effects can be configured in Rose Sharman software, which makes the appearance of the mouse easier to personalize. However, we found the lighting effects to be quite beautiful, they did not offer any gaming facilities – serious and professional gamers might be forgotten wondering if they are spending money on casual features, more than that they can have on them.

The overall design is very nice, and Asus ROG Gladius is a finding firefight whiz near enough to light a desk, while the ergonomic design helps it feel comfortable to use.

Performance Asus ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse.

If you’re spending a lot of money on a gaming mouse, the performance is incredibly important. Thanks to the 1200 dpi sensor, with 50G acceleration, Asus Rose Gladius 2 is fast and responsive when playing

We used to play many series of these games, including the fastest battlefield 1 first-person shooter. No matter what game, Asus ROG Gladius performed secondly admirably, and felt satisfied with using buttons (with default switch installed)

The DPI switch helped greatly during switching to the Games Generation, although we found that the mouse is particularly good for first-person shooters, so look at the quick DPI switch button.

MMORPG (widely multiplayer online role-playing game) and complex games that require many buttons, but Asus Road Gladius are for the second struggle, and you want to be good with Cora script or RGB or similar.

Also, when you can change the switch to the mouse button, the Asus Rose Gladius II, other advanced gaming mouse features are not as transparent as weight.

It’s a shame, though Asus ROG Gladius II is a fantastic gaming mouse, it does not mean its price tag is quite recommended for the final gaming mouse.

We liked Asus ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse.

Asus Road Gladius seems comfortable to use the second, and each of the buttons feels satisfactory and responsive. The RBI library will not taste everyone, we liked it, especially the following light

The ability to switch switches at the bottom of the main buttons is excellent, although it can only appeal to a small minority. On the other hand, the fast DPI switch button makes it more suited to a wide range of players.

We did not like Asus ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse.

Asus Road Gladius 2 is a valuable gaming mouse, and its build quality and performance are perfect, it does not show any other gaming-focused features such as another, cheap, gaming mouse.

Final verdict Asus ROG Gladius II Mouse.

Asus Road Gladius 2 is a nice landscape gaming mouse – and we used the best pointer for gaming. It has a fantastic build quality, feels comfortable to use, and consistently performs a series continuously.

However, it is a denial that it has an expensive mouse – and it reduces some advanced features, like multiple extra buttons and swappable weight. This means that professional gamers – or enthusiasts who can make their gaming very seriously, look at a gaming mouse that is less glossy, but comes with more features and a lower price tag instead, instead.

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