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Review SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse.

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Last year, Stylish series stylized headsets were rescheduled with a new range and sent a refund with the iconic Best Gaming Mouse. This year, we found an evolution of high-performance gaming peripheral company focus on the competitive price focus.

SteelSeries rival 600 is worth only $ 79 or £ 79 (about AU $ 100) but with all the performance, RGB light and wide weight system we usually get connected with the higher end peripherals Plus, the mouse is a unique dual sensor system Have there.

Overall, you get a lot more mice than $ 69 (£ 69, AU $ 119), Razer DeathAdder Elite and $ 69 (£ 69, AU $ 139) – Roccat Kone EMP.

Design SteelSeries Rival 700:

By all appearances, the competitor looks like 380 rivals 310 – on steroids. It’s a little larger than the SteelSeries’ entry-level gaming mouse, but fortunately, it’s not close to shiny monsters where rival 500 was.

There are also, fortunately, competing compared to the competing 500, significantly fewer buttons on 600. Where its predecessor went completely to the overboard with 15 buttons and switches, this mouse just three side buttons / left right click and scroll wheel addition. It’s more attentive setup, we appreciate, and easy layout makes the house for the overall larger button

Although the rival 600, before the competitor’s brightness, has no features like the new two-tone description, this peripheral has more use of soft touch than the outside. What’s more, you will be gripping most of the sides on both sides, seriously lined with a serious soft piece of rubber, to ensure a comfortable and firm grip.

Speaking of the parties, they are removable over the competing 600, expands in a broad customized weight system. Outside the box, this mouse is 96G – a rough average for a gaming mouse. The option of eight extra 4G metal bits (a total additional 32G), you can bring up to 128 grams of total weight.

As someone who really likes heavy mice, this author fully loves to load up to 600 rivals for a steadier shot. Of course, if you want to add a lot of welcomes – up to 256 different combinations that will also change the balance of the mouse.

Unfortunately, you do not have a lot of isolated party grips away from accessing the weight system, and SteelSeries tells us not to have time to patch size or add any buttons for buttons for us.

Another big design change competitor 600 Serve true RGB spectrum light With eight zone light you can not have this mouse wheel with multiple colors but at the same time, you can display colorful hint at the same time. Some of us are waiting for SteelSeries rats for a while, and we can say that the light is very well dispersed, RGB quality is equivalent to Razer’s peripherals.

Performance SteelSeries Rival 600:

On one side of beauty, rival 600 is well-tuned for better performance. This mouse packs not only TrueMove 3 sensors but we also come to love from Sensei 310, but a second sensor to stop your cursor drifting when your mouse hoist over your mouse pad or table.

On its own, the TrueMove 3 sensor has a maximum sensitivity of up to 12,000 numbers-per inch (CPI) and up to one tracking up to 3,500 CPI offers. With the precision of the second sensor lift, this gaming mouse does not miss a beat – even when we have reoriented our hands during the six-in-the-strong firefight: in the rainbow

Lifting with our mouse and sensor drift has often led us to the ground or the sky, followed by a game on the screen quickly. Rival 600’s second sensor completely eliminates this problem.

We do not think SteelSeries Sensei may be at the top with even more accurate mice than Sensei 310, but the competing 600 has completely affected us.

Judgment SteelSeries Rival 600:

Steel Sera rival 600 is a feature packing gaming mouse whose price is $ 79 or £ 79 (about AU $ 100) worth tag. You will not get another gaming mouse with a dual sensor system that completely eliminates the cursor drift and this peripheral. The same rival goes with a wide weight system of 600, but it will be extremely important for the supporters of additional heavy gaming mouse just like themselves.

Add in a fully customizable RBG lighting system, and SteelSeries rival 600 is one of the most definitely modern gaming mice you should definitely be checking out.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Check Latest Price on Amazon

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